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For some reason, I have Google Wave invites to give away…


I’ve had access to the Google Wave preview for a while now, and for some reason I have invites to give away when other people didn’t.. I don’t know why!

So anyway I thought I’d give 5 or so away, I couldn’t bring myself to sell them on eBay, even for 99c each..

Here’s the deal: follow me (@brasskazoo) on twitter, RT this:

RT @brasskazoo For some reason, I have Google Wave invites to give away… http://wp.me/pEMsT-21 #googlewave #wave #googlewaveinvite

..or just click this to retweet. I’ll get your email address somehow..probably by you sending it to me, then I’ll send you an invite!

Note: Google says its not immediate, from the invites I’ve sent it seems to take no more than 1 day (and gmail is preffered?)

This video explains it well…

For more info about wave here’s google’s official page.


I’d also be interested in hearing other people’s experiences with wave, good or bad, and if there are emerging patterns of use even at this early stage. So far I’ve started to use it on a couple of small collaboration projects, and one multiplayer sudoku game…


ACS Report on Australia’s ISP Filtering Scheme

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) has released a report on the Australian Government’s proposed ISP filtering scheme, and while remaining neutral, covers many issues one would hope are being taken into account by those who are designing the scheme. The ACS report concludes with 15 recommendations for the Government, including suggesting education of the community around internet security, interaction and cooperation with ICANN, consideration of alternative measures, and more clarity on what the purpose of the scheme it is, at what level is implemented at, and what protocol is will act on.

Since its announcement in 2008, the proposed scheme has been met with some fairly heavy criticism from the international ICT community.

The ACS report too has had some responses: on ZDnet.com.au and whirlpool.